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Bicycle And Pedestrian Accidents

If you or your loved one was the victim of a bicycle accident, obtain experienced legal help. The lack of protection on bicycles can lead to permanent and often life-threatening injuries. A highly skilled California bicycle injury attorney will take the right steps in pursuit of recovering maximum compensation for your current and future medical needs, lost wages and any other relevant damages.

Experienced Redondo Beach Bike Accident Attorneys

Since 1982, Hodges & Thomas has focused almost exclusively on protecting accident victims’ rights. Our law firm’s partners each have more than 40 years of experience handling highly complicated bicycle accident claims. We know how to prove fault, even when liability initially appears unclear.

Our legal team prepares every bicycle accident claim for a favorable trial verdict. Insurance companies often make large settlement offers, knowing we are fully prepared to prove fault at trial. For experienced advocacy, contact our law firm today to schedule a consultation with a highly skilled California bicycle injury attorney.

Determining Fault In Southern California Bicycle Accident Claims

Determining fault in bicycle accidents can be particularly challenging. In some cases, a reckless motorist may be entirely at fault for ignoring traffic signals and ultimately causing a life-threatening accident. Poorly marked crosswalks and bike paths or road hazards can also lead to serious bicycle accidents. Our firm’s Redondo Beach bike accident lawyers conduct thorough investigations to determine the cause of catastrophic and fatal bicycle accidents, including:

  • Speeding and reckless driving
  • Dangerous road conditions
  • Illegal left turns made by motorists
  • Distracted drivers on their cell phones
  • Poorly marked crosswalks and bike paths

As part of our investigation, we meet with witnesses and review police reports to understand potential liability factors. When negligence remains unclear, we have the resources to consult accident reconstructionists in helping us determine fault. Our strong investigative skills have proven to be invaluable.

Handling Hit- And- Run Bicycle Accident Claims

If you or your loved one was the victim of a hit-and-run accident, entrust our law firm to delivery strong advocacy and legal counsel. Our firm’s Southern California personal injury attorneys respond quickly to investigate accident scenes before critical evidence begins to disappear. We review police reports and meet with any available witnesses to try and understand the series of events just before the accident occurred. Our legal team will evaluate every angle possible, but unfortunately, hit-and-run drivers cannot always be identified. In this case, we help clients obtain compensation through pursuing an underinsured or uninsured motorist claim. This type of insurance allows victims to obtain compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages and other relevant damages. Hit-and-run accident victims will not encounter increased insurance premiums, since they did not cause the accident.

Contact Our Southern California Personal Attorneys

If you or your loved one was the victim of a hit-and-run accident, contact our law firm today to schedule a consultation with an experienced California bicycle injury attorney. We are committed to serving clients throughout Southern California from our law office in Redondo Beach.